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Providing Communications strategy for the 100 year old art association and its La Jolla art gallery, including designing and implementing a state of the art website, social media program and free media.

Friends of Del Mar Mesa

Lisa is President of the nonprofit community organization Friends of Del Mar Mesa whose mission is to protect and preserve the habitat, ecosystems, and recreational resources of  Del Mar Mesa through habitat restoration and enhancement, recreational support, stewardship, research, and education. We support educational and recreational activities that foster an appreciation of the natural environment of Del Mar Mesa.

Byrds of Prey Music Program: Bringing Music Back to the Schools

The prestigious San Dieguito School district allowed its once lauded music program to languish, then be eliminated, insisting there was not interest in music among the student body.. For several years, parents tried in vain to convince the district to change the policy. Lisa guided a public relations program to put pressure on the district, forming the organization FAME with a group of parents and widely respected music educator, Libby Scott. In May 1999 the school board allowed Libby and Lisa to do a demonstration music project that would give kids the option of using a marching band class for PE credit. In September, the swing marching band Byrds of Prey openned for business with the help of the Boys & Girls which provided the facilities for over 300 students. It ran successfully for a year when the district began its own music program.

“My crown is called content,
a crown that seldom kings enjoy”
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